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Create jewelry shelf brand six key points

Create jewelry shelf brand six key points of warehouse brand

Jewelry brand is a jewelry from the jewelry and gifts isolated from the emerging industries, with China's social economy and cultural leaps and bounds, people are entering into a well-off type from adequate food, advocating human nature and fashion, continue to shape the personality and charm, Has become the pursuit of people, China's jewelry industry will certainly be more stride forward the development of consumption.

China jewelry shelf brand market continues to evolve, prompting China's jewelry industry gradually entered the era of brand competition. On the one hand, the brand shows a comprehensive image of the enterprise, with immeasurable market value, its formation runs through the enterprise development, on the other hand, the brand is another logo of the overall quality of jewelry business, it can not be the size of the enterprise And performance replaced. Looking at the success and failure of modern jewelry business, are all closely related to the success of its brand building. Therefore, it can be said that the brand has become an important pillar for the survival and development of jewelry enterprises, as well as jewelry enterprises to participate in the competition of the industry. It can even be said that the brand must be the core competitiveness of the future jewelry business.

The good news is that Chinese jewelry companies have begun to value the brand, but compared with foreign jewelry companies, the brand management of China's jewelry business there are still significant differences in stages. As a growth point of the new economy, the developed countries have gradually become mature. Various grades of stores, points of sale dotted; a variety of styles, all levels of products fully meet the growing market demand. From the jewelry industry point of view, this industry is still in its early stages of development. Therefore, with the gradual entry of foreign jewelry brands, jewelry companies must now clearly establish the correct concept of brand management, and through efficient system strategy to build the brand.

In the category of jewelry brand, the brand covers all aspects of enterprise scale, performance, quality, corporate reputation, product promotion, cultural value and so on, and it is a systematic, continuous, long-term and trivial task. Therefore, to create jewelry brand, we must strive to seize the six key elements.


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Point: accurate positioning of the brand


Jewelry business to create the brand must give the brand a reasonable, clear, unique personality brand positioning. There are many enterprises in the national jewelry industry. If jewelry enterprises do not have their own definite and unique brand positioning, it is difficult for them to issue their own "voice" in this industry. "Discourse is the right" is a truth, "sound is the right" for the brand is also a truth. Jewelry business in the development process without their own "sound", it will be step by step by other jewelry brands "submerged" sound, submerged results can only be the enterprise market share decreased year by year, and gradually withdraw from the jewelry market.

Brand positioning is not a simple matter, nor is it a subjective idea of business leaders. It needs a comprehensive analysis based on the status quo of the enterprise and the strategic vision of the enterprise, the status quo of the industry and the overall trend of social development. More reasonable approach is to carefully analyze their own design level, equipment conditions, financial strength, etc., and then carefully study the strength of their own regions and their own business, to identify their own advantages and disadvantages of competition with them, as well as the opportunities and threats to the environment . After complemented by SWOT analysis, analysis of human nature brand (also known as the "four realms" analysis, namely: the product realm analysis, human realm analysis, the realm of the needs of the state, the brand realm analysis) and other analysis tools to systematically analyze and determine their own rational positioning . In addition, jewelry companies need to be clear positioning is that "there is reasonable", that is to say, any jewelry business as long as there is a reason for its existence, there must be compatible with the positioning there, so jewelry business decisions Have confidence to find their own business a reasonable position to promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises. Such as cool Kaka jewelry According to the pursuit of individuality of consumers, positioning themselves as rich personality jewelry brand, publicity personality, unique taste, self-expression, refused to be the same, to lead the urban fashion cool personality, with "personality" as People show the choice of self-image, quickly won the favor of consumers and franchisees attention.


The second point: the implementation of "full brand management"

Brand is the fundamental element of people, a successful brand is not a person, a department or a consulting company to be able to do it independently, it requires the participation of all employees, requires that all employees must have the brand management awareness, consciously safeguard the brand image , That is to be carried out "full brand management." Yuan Zhuo brand agencies believe that the current business to achieve excellence brand, its employees must attach importance to the construction of personal brand, because employees are outside the enterprise to understand the "living ads," only a good personal brand image to spread a good corporate brand image, Otherwise, the company's brand image to lose the foundation on which to survive, has become a "woodless."

Business owners as a company, but also on corporate brand building has a very big influence. As Shin Kong jewelry chairman Zhou Xiaoguang in the process of creating a business demonstrated by the personal charm, the image of the Shin Kong more tall. Yiwu many jewelry business owner and the backbone are from the Sunbeam out, not only do not consider them as rivals Zhou Xiaoguang, often called them to the company to exchange and give them to solve the problem. Zhou Xiaoguang believes that to local economic development, to make Yiwu a "hometown of jewelry," can not rely on a single company; only with the development of the entire local economy, the entire industry can develop. Sunbeam doing this is also a sense of social responsibility. Zhou Xiaoguang's personal brand has played a significant role in shaping the corporate brand, which is actually a manifestation of "full brand management."

The third point: knowledge "potential" made "news"

Jewelry business brand building is the key to public relations, rather than advertising. This has gradually been the consensus of many jewelry companies. Create and publish news is jewelry business essential to the public relations activities of the key link. Therefore, to create the right news has naturally become the top priority of branding work. So, from the jewelry business point of view, what kind of news is the right news? The author believes that the jewelry business brand at the same time helpful to the community news can be called appropriate news. The four elements that a brand creates appropriate news are: "potential" of social development, "potential" of industry development, "potential" of enterprise development and "potential" of public interest.

For example, in the spring of 2004, Zhou Xiaoguang, chairman of Shin Kong jewelry, was soliciting advertisements for sponsorship at the expense of the National People's Congress on the eve of the "NPC and CPPCC sessions." It attracted widespread attention and praise from the whole country. As a result, Shin Kong jewelry quickly gained fame and became an upstart in the jewelry shelf industry. Oops jewelry from the international development of China's jewelry and brand survival considerations, continue to brand training for employees, enhance employee brand awareness, and actively participate in Asia's major beauty fair, the Chinese jewelry brand to. Shin Kong jewelry and jewelry jewelry Oh to comply with the social development trend, promote the development of the brand. Jewelry enterprises in the social development of the "potential", but also should be aware of the "potential" of the development of the industry, the development of enterprises to understand the "potential" and public awareness of the "potential" to better promote the healthy development of the brand.


The fourth point: attention to communication details

Jewelry industry is a must pay attention to the details of the industry. In order to achieve the refined communication of the jewelry brand, we must pay attention to the details of the brand communication process based on the well-developed long-term strategy and the effective short-term strategy, respect history and culture, seek truth from facts, and avoid common sense in brand communication Sexual errors to reduce the damage to the brand.

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