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2017 Lianhezhongbang Annual Outstanding Staff Awards Ceremony Cum 2018 Spring Festival Reunion Dinner

Zhongshan Lianhe Zhongbang Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. held a grand 2017 annual outstanding staff awards Ceremony cum 2018 Spring Festival reunion dinner, the same day, the company arranged a full day trip, all partners are actively involved, the event lively! Let's take a look at the grand occasion.

8:20 am All partners in the company set the unity of unity, 15 minutes to reach Zhongshan Sihai Hotel held (annual summary meeting) live photos.


All personnel on the scene stood up and read the Lianhe Zhongbang corporate culture:

Alliance and the meaning of the allies: together create a harmonious major, all phase Bang ambitious


Corporate vision: to create first-line brand shelf industry, logistics and logistics equipment to become the preferred supplier

Corporate mission: to help partners continue to grow, to help customers create value

Corporate values: fight together, together, thanksgiving

Business philosophy: Customer satisfaction is fundamental to our survival

The next link, Mr. Li Jungen, general manager of sales to do 2017 work summary 2018 work plan report:


Mr. Mao Yuangen, Vice Manager of Production Department, to do 2017 work summary 2018 work plan report:


Mr. Zhu Xiaosong, Department of Management, 2017 Summary of Work Report for 2018:


Followed by the marketing center and logistics support department for the military war commitment in 2018, see the picture

Dear company general manager:

Metamorphosis sail, co-ahead, win-win 2018! Lianhe Zhongbang Marketing Center, Marketing, Design Department, Ministry of Foreign Trade officers solemn promise: to ensure that the company completed the task of sales of 708 million in 1991, a word Jiuding, standing as evidence!


Evening reunion dinner 6:30 officially began in the marketing center collective self-directed by a [through time and space] catwalk show kicked off, the scene screamed constantly, passion, there is a picture of the truth ...

(First show won the show)



Dinner began, our big Luo Lin, general manager of the New Year message to introduce guests present, Lions club, coach technology class cp94 95 classes. Coach classmate. Sincerely, Greetings and Greetings, Summarized the overall performance for 17 years and the outlook for the next 18 years.


Participate in the first round of the link, (Participation Award 35, prizes: vacuum flask worth 68 yuan a) Congratulations to the following winners.


Fourth Prize draw session, (Participation Award 6, prizes: millet bracelet worth 188 yuan) Congratulations to the following winners


The third prize draw, (Participation Award 6, prize: 499 yuan Galanz light oven a) Congratulations to the following winners


The second prize draw session, (Participation Award 3, prize: $ 1,299 smart washing machine 1) Congratulations to the following winners.


First Prize Lucky Draw, (Participation Award 1, Prize: 1,500 yuan worth of Gree air conditioner) Congratulations to the following winners


Workshop team performance "duck dance" (won the show second prize)


Congratulations to the four promotion managers, I believe in 2018, you will do better, come on!


Thank you for all the guests come to the scene in their busy schedule, with your support, I believe the Union and the Zhongbang will go farther and farther, thanks to every hard-working and active participants, glorious 2017 has passed 2018, full of hope and expectation, we are ready! Let us wait and see, happiness is struggling out!

Allianz and Zhongbang storage racking system all my colleagues in advance wish you old and new customers year of the dog, Wang wishful, prosperous thing!

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