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Case Analysis Of 24 Million Mezzanine Floor Racking Platform Combination

Under the concerted efforts of all staffs, Lianhe Zhongbang Racking Co., Ltd. succeeded in transacting 24 million of mezzanine floor platform shelf order with the transaction of an e-commerce enterprise. From the initial negotiation to the confirmation of the plan, every step of the process was in-depth understanding of customer's needs, And Zhongbang company's professional designers, the actual measurement plant to understand customer needs, design a set of customer satisfaction programs, and Shun successful deal.

The company is located in:

Lianhe Zhongbang company has been building "excellent quality and service" at the core of competitiveness, continuous optimization and learning, customer service needs, Shun to sail a new journey, Zhiyuan far peaks, I believe that through the efforts of all staff, Shun The force will get better and better, farther and farther .......

Lianhe Zhongbang shelves, intentions good customer service for mezznaine floor.


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