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Shelf Classification

According to the overall structure is welded or assembled, shelves can be divided into:

(1)         Welded shelf, due to handling complex, poor adaptability, disassembly, this type of shelves have been basically eliminated.

(2)         At present, most domestic storage centers and warehouses are using assembled shelves, that is, the combination of shelves.

According to the shelf system and warehouse building structure of the connection or not, shelves can be divided into:

(1)         Warehouse and shelf united shelves. The shelving system and the roof of the building constitute an indivisible whole, the roof of the column directly supports the roof load, on both sides of the pillars to install the building enclosure (wall) structure.

(2)         Separate structural shelves. The shelving system and the building are two separate systems, with no direct connection to each other.

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