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The Mezzzanine Floor Ready For Shipment To Indonesia

2017.11.23 mezzanine floor ready for shipment to Indonisia.We know that the storage shelf is a big market.We know that there are many building and warehouse need the storage shelf.

Social Networking: In Indonesia, social software is the most popular, with 80 million social users such as Facebook, 30 million Twitter users and 20 million LINE users. About 98.7% of the users who access social networking sites via mobile phones log in. Facebook, 89% are under 35 years old. Indonesia is also the third-largest Facebook nation in the world after the United States and India, with Facebook users accounting for one-third of Indonesia's population. However, due to low penetration of wifi, more than 65% of social activities are still carried out in Internet cafes, mobile users are still relatively limited, so the current domino 99 friends invitation by the mode of self-promotion did not achieve the desired results.

Next step we are going to open the maket in India.This market is very import for us to know it's better.


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