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Zhuhai Warehouse Attic 2 Layer Sandwiched In Zhuhai Warehouse Attic Shelves Customized Cantilever Rack

Zhuhai warehouse attic 2 layer sandwiched in Zhuhai warehouse attic shelves customized cantilever rack customized cantilever rack can be single arm cantilever attic shelf combination, also can double arm attic shelf combination, attic shelf can save space for you, reasonable planning and planning warehouse space. Easy disassembly transportation can help enterprises save Warehousing costs. 1. Zhuhai warehouse loft joint and public free professional door-to-door: understand demand, tailor made! - save time for you! Its use value is mainly reflected in the operation of the time, can be combined with the width of the warehouse or special structure to carry out special operations and so on.

2. the loft of Zhuhai warehouse is made up of columns, beams, hooks and panels. The whole set does not need to be welded and welded.

2. The dismantling of the attic in Zhuhai warehouse is very easy.

The design of the 3. cantilevered loft is based on the principle of safety and stability.

4. the change of the site of the Zhuhai warehouse attic can also be reused.

5. Zhuhai warehouse loft only needs to add and replace accessories and then reinstall it.

6. the Zhuhai warehouse loft can be installed sectionally without interruption of customer business or production operation.

7. Zhuhai warehouse loft, a variety of colors for customers to choose, with your company's image;

8. Zhuhai warehouse loft has high rust resistance and surface treatment is not easy to wear.

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