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Alibaba Top 10 Warehouse Cantilever Shelving

Steel Structure cantilever storage racks Characteristics: 1) With composite racking structure, patented light-steel floor panel structure; 2) Floor panel with large load capacity, low cost, quick construction; 3) Can be designed into one layer or multi-layers according to actual situation; 4)...

Cantilevered shelves are an important type of shelves. Cantilevered shelves for storing long material, ring material, sheet, pipe and irregular goods. Cantilever can be single or double, cantilevered shelves with structural stability, good load capacity, space utilization and higher characteristics. H-beam or cold-rolled steel cantilever rack column to use more, the use of square tube cantilever, cold-rolled steel or H-beam, cantilever and column between the use of plug-in or bolt-type connection between the base and column bolted type, base with cold Rolled or H-section steel.

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